" If the dream or goal is worthy, then trying to attain it is worthy.."

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P h i l i p p i n e s

T o p  S e l l i n g

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" Life is a song we play each day. Every mistake we make in life 
puts the song out of tune . . but keep on trying. Because one day 
every melody will come to its tune. "

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One song from you 
can take me 

Up to where
the stars are waiting . .

Your voice carries me
high on the wind
like a melody 

Your voice
carries me away -

Way beyond 
the highest high 

Way up where 
the eagles  fly ~

Your voice
makes me feel that way

                     - music friend


        A R T I C L E S    

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' She's so completely different 
from any girl I ever known 

She does what you expect her to do
but in a way that's all her own '

' You never said too much
but still you show the way

the things I knew 
from watching you '

Thoughts & Wisdom from a Reg Fan
by Regine fan Petr Kapowski 

 Regine was in PLM!! 
by Regine fan 'Lainey baby' 

Regine Reigns with New Album
by the Malaya Showbiz Staff

Regine Did It Once Again! 
Courtesy of The Journal Group 

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(A personal opinion post from RVML2)

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The diva that is Kuh Ledesma  
Kuh wants to help other artists

Articles about REGINE Velasquez with
PEABO Bryson and JEFFREY Osborne

Regine Velasquez In MTV's
Speak Your Mind Special

SOP UPDATE  ( July 14 )
by Regine's Kookie Monster


"...But you know who I consider 
the best singer? It's Regine (Velasquez) "
- Zsa-Zsa Padilla  ( multi-platinum artist )


Special Features . .

The Songbird, My Friend
by Ernie Duque

Our Friend, Regine
by music priend

Personal Fan Quotes
of Regine Fans

Another Act of Song Bird Kindness
from rvml2@yahoogroups.com

Is Regine In Love?
( She is .. With her Work )

Regine Album Reviews On-Line


" Woman on Top "
It's control with a capital "C" that's primary on Regine Velasquez's agenda. 
Directing concerts, producing albums, art-directing videos, even applying 
her own make-up. Rhea Dumdum had to sprint to keep pace. 


" If there is something you can never find fault in Regine Velasquez, 
it is doing something that is less than her best. The local Songbird 
spares no time, effort or money whenever she embarks on a project. 
And the result of all the hard work she puts into anything can really
be impressive."
-Baby Gil  ( entertainment writer )



REGINE Velasquez is perhaps the most prolific 
among our local artists at this turn of the century, 
not to mention the most successful. 

With a string of singing trophies to her name, 
both locally and internationally, no one can come 
close to Regine's musical legacy.

EVER since she broke into the music industry 
many years ago. Regine has been a non-stop hit
maker. The Probinsiana from Bulacan astounded 
us with her amazing talent and fresh face. 

And since then the OPM scene has never been 
the same again. Regine has reached peak after 
peak in music. And looks to continue to do so ..


A very rare kind of bird . .


" There are people in places that count in the world, and people 
in places that don't. She is a daughter of the people who don't count, 
and their shining star. That's what some think makes her unique 
and what many of the masa are responding to. "  
- music friend 

' Even the smallest light can make a difference 
in the darkest night. '


" It's all about 'soul'
It's all about faith
and a deeper devotion -
It's all about Soul
because under the love
is a stronger emotion . .
She's got to be strong
because so many things
can easily go wrong
and she got to stay in control -
so many things
can drive her away
so why does she stay?
It's all about soul . . . "

            - Billy Joel


Richard and Regine Pics

Regine Produces Roselle



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" Regine is warm, sexy, attractive, smart, talented,
funny and a consistently kind person. Other than that,
she doesn't impress me at all. " - Regine joke

midi song playing : " Thank you for the Music "

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