" Regine REIGNS with New Album "


"To Reach You," a love song composed by Lisa Dy and Chat Zamora, 
is the first hit from Regine Velasquez's new Viva Records album. 
The single is swiftly taking "Reigne," the Songbird's first studio 
recorded collection in almost two years, to platinum status, 
a mark enjoyed by all of Regine's past albums.

(July 2002 update- All of Regine's albums under Viva Records
passed at least quadplatinum! Maybe a new unsurpassed feat.)

"I feel so proud that I was given the chance to record all these new 
songs for my album," says Regine, who is also the producer of 
"Reigne." "In fact, I was able to get so may beautiful compositions 
that we had a very difficult time choosing which ones to include." 
Because of this, "Reigne" ended up as not only a showcase for 
Regine's sweet soaring style, it also became a tribute to the 
country's talented pop songwriters with 17 originals.

There are 18 songs in the album and the only one to come from a 
foreign songwriter is "Love on the Airwaves," by Chris Thompson 
and Robert Watson. The others are "This Time" by Yman Panaligan; 
"Nasa Puso" by Moy Ortiz and Edith Gallardo; "Dadalhin" by 
Tats Faustino; "Free Spirits" by Noel Mendez; "Long for Him" also 
by Lisa Dy; "Sa Aking Pag-iisa" by Janno Gibbs; "Perry's Will" by 
Jingle Buena and Arnold Reyes; "Know" by Babsie Molina and 
Edith Gallardo; "My Destiny" by Toto Sorioso; "Bukas Sana" by 
Mario Borje and Raymund Marcaida; "Nang Makita Ka" by Viktoria; 
"Let You Be" also by Sorioso; "Could It Be" again by Lisa and Chat; 
"What You Are to Me" by Reuben Laurente and Markel Luna; 
"Tayong Dalawa" by Trina Belamide; and "Sand Castle" 
by Patty Mayoralgo and Babsie Molina.

"We made sure we had a varied line-up," shares Regine. 
"Ibang-iba type ang mga kanta. We just made sure that the 
song is pop. So I have the usual slow ballads, mayroong 
konting rock, mayroong medyo sexy mayroong puwedeng 
movie theme song. All the time we were working on the album, 
what I was thinking of was what the listeners will like because 
this is my way of thanking everybody for all the support 
they have given me these past years."

After nearly twenty years in the entertainment business, Regine 
continues to enjoy large success as a singer and actress. She 
is a star of films, television, concerts and recording. Her two 
recent films, "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw" and "Pangako Ikaw Lang," 
were box-office hits. She is a regular in the Sunday variety show 
"SOP" and occasionally appears in drama anthologies on TV. 
Her concerts are always sold-out events. And she makes one 
hit album after another.

Regine's last studio album before "Reigne" was was the multi-
paltinum-selling "R2K." This was followed by the soundtrack 
of the film "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw," which starred Regine and Robin 
Padilla, the live recording, "Songbird Sings the Classics" and the 
soundtrack of another huge box-office hit, "Pangako Ikaw Lang," 
which starred Regine with Aga Muhlach.

( Regine's "R2K" is Regine's biggest selling album under Viva.
Under Polycosmic Regine's best selling album was "Retro" )

Regine is at present working on the film "Hanggang Ngayon," 
directed by Yam Laranas. This is her first team-up with matinee 
idol Richard Gomez. The movie's theme song is expected to be 
another big hit. It is a composition by Ogie Alcasid, who also did 
"Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw" and "Pangako Ikaw Lang." It is a duet 
recorded by Regine and Ogie for his album, "A Better Man."

Fans of the Songbird will be glad to know that the album comes 
in a special package containing lots of new photos of Regine. 
Those who buy a "Reigne" CD might get the chance to win a 
limited edition "Reigne" 14-karat gold necklace. Five necklaces 
shall be given away.

The "Reigne" mall tour continues this Dec. 19 at SM Pampanga 
and Dec. 20 at SM Southmall. 

Malaya, Dec.17, 2001

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