by Regine's Kookie Monster

Sun, 14 Jul 2002

SOP's opening salvo is a fast number. Jaya, Kyla, Kharryle and Angelica 
appeared followed by Ogie, Janno, Kc, Gabby, Malik and Dindong Dantes.

I was begining to believe that Regine wont be in the show as the guests 
were welcomed and Ogie was rattling off his experiences in the U.S. tour 
wherein he was able to encounter Elijah Wood of "LORD OF THE RINGS"

Was it a pleasant surprise that after bearing Rosanna Roces and Victor 
Nerri's song, it was announced that the next number would be of Ogie, 
Richard G. and Ms. Regine velasquez!!!! Gosh, Gosh, Gosh, I saw the sun 
in the middle of a cloudy, rainy day!!! Ha Ha Ha...

The camera seemed to miss Regine that it seemed to caress the songbird. 
The face that refreshes really was a delight to the eyes. The camera lingered 
in its focus Reg was so lovely as ever. The trio sang "HANGGANG NGAYON". 
Reg hair is getting longer.

The hits of "AIR SUPPLY" was the offering of BACK2BACK2BACK 

Janno sang "ALL OUT OF LOVE"
Jaya was next who sounded so good with the song "HERE I AM"
"NOW AND FOREVER" was Ogies song.
Regine sang "WITHOUT YOU". She sang it beautifully.. Incidentally, 
Reg wore a red strapless, floral outfit w/c simply becomes her.

The special guest of SOP was A1. They were interviewed by Jaya 
and Regine. A1 rendered 2 songs and the audience had a swell time!

Today at SOP, Rosanna did a solo performance on top of a grand piano, 
she looked stunning looking like a sultry, sexy singer. But oh my, her voice 
sounded like a tipsy, broken hearted woman! Hope you all knew what 
I mean to say. I was covering my face as I was embarrassed for her.

In the JAMMIN' portion, "YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND" was sang. 
Regine wore a simple yellow top w/ her jeans.
Rosanna was there and I can distinguish her voice among the others. 
It's out of the way most of the time. Rosanna spoiling the blending 
of the hosts marvelous voices.

That's SOP for today folks!
Inspite the flaws SOP is indeed THE REAL CONCERT TV!!!!

Reg is back and thats giving us all a WONDERFUL FEELING!!!!

Luv ya, beyond the stars Regine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun, 14 Jul 2002

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