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Grab a clue about the real inside story 
with some of those Regine headlines!


The Regine-McKnight-Lani Incident
The Truth About That Gerald Salonga Story!!
Package Deal Queen? Really now ..
Are Tabloids Being used as Mouth Pieces?
Aga's 'lover' Angle was Just For His Movie 
Regine and Kuh? Who Would Believed That?
What's Your Problem, Ricky!!
Asia's Nightingale's New Nick Change
Does VIVA Have Regine's Best Interest 
on their Minds Most of The Time ?
Regine's New Album is 4X! So Why Have 
the Media Reporting Stopped at Platinum?
Did Regine's Musical Masterpiece "R2K"
Ever Sell More than a Million Copies?
But it did reached DIAMOND STATUS!



Regine's Canada Incident 
has similarities to her 
US Embassy Incident 
she experienced before.

Was there a possible 
between these Two 
somehow ?


Unscrupulous people in Regine's World
Unscrupulous persons in Regine's Lists


IS REGINE being cornered/forced 
into performing in shows 
with her
former manager's 
 top wannabe diva singer?


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" To be tested is good. The challenged life 
may be the best therapist. " 
-Gail Sheehy