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Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 
Subject : " She in love with her Work . . "
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In regine_velasquez@y..., "Anthony" wrote :

> I sense that our Regine is in love. Call it a man's intuition, 
>but I think she is. I wonder who is she in love with?
> Is it? Could it? Is it possible? Oh heck! who ever he is, 
>he is one hell of a lucky dude!


mm said :

Hey, good Regine fan Anthony -

I'm sure when the VIVA movie about her life comes out
the scene where she wins her MTV-ASIA award will be
as she just got off the phone with her someone special
(played by Aga, of course) but that's only in the movies.

In reality, Regine success belongs completely to her
special relationship she has with God. And her family. 
She's happy in that picture because she has proven allot. 
As a person, as a artist and as a Filipina. And Regine 
has shown you don't have to be in love to be happy. 
As soon as the rest of us realize that the better. 
Because then we can really be happy for her. And 
we can stop trying to rush her into another mistake 
like the last one was. As far as I know I mean.

I believe in this girl. And I believe she knows what
she is saying when she said the right man will find
her. And I doubt that man has found his way to her 
heart yet. So what you see in that picture is what 
a happy woman looks like. Without the problems 
of a bad relationship, without what anyone of us 
can understand unless we try to relate to Regine
the person much better. And that means 
understanding her character and knowing 
the way she really is a little more better. 

As for the dude she will love as being 'lucky?' 

It takes two to love right. And the man she loves
may not be anything any of us expect him to be.
Except for Regine herself. So it's safe to believe
Regine will be thinking herself just as lucky 
to find him. A lucky guy will be one who gets
to love Lea Salonga or Pops Fernandez. 
They have their own idea of a perfect man-
He has to be rich, good looking, tall, dark, 
has a tan (lol), etc..etc..
(sounded like a modeling job)

But Regine, despite what you might have read has
said it clearer- That the man who truly will love
her will know how to find her. Nothing else 
about him will matter. If he's rich or famous 
or just selling peanuts at the corner.
Like me. hehe..

I believe that because she prayed to God for him. 

And when you ask God honestly for something 
it is always what you need and never what
you want, Right? 

Well .. depends on the kind of person you are.

So let's not pick him for her. Let's help pick
her opportunities for her music career. That 
is something we can understand and relate to
more clearly.  Nuks..

M&M                    (Music Man)
 : - )



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