You know why I liked the Spiderman movie
better than the Star Wars latest? Actually I
did like Star Wars. I mean the storyline. It
was because in Spiderman the hero is just
a real regular guy. 


The nerd or the outcast is the hero and the 
rich good looking guy are the ones who
lack allot of a strong character. 


Unfortunately, our local movies reverses 
the facts allot. And actors you see on the
screen are playing roles that are no where 
near the kind of person they really are.


It should bother you when a woman like Lea
Salonga describes her ideal man and that
guy sounds like a regular decent guy but 
then she goes on to say he also 'must' be
great looking. 


She's been watching too many local movies
I think. But She'll get her great looking guy 
I'm sure. And like other famous women who 
gone before her it'll probably be after the 4-5th 
mate before she'll know better about it. Because 
I know the right mate doesn't have to be the
best looking person you can find. Just the right
person for you. And when that happens he'll be
the best looking man in your eyes. Don't
worry what everyone else will think. Think
about how you want to be treated. And loved.

So have a happy life the way it should be.

Not the way you see it in the movies.



Actress Kristen Dunst who played Mary Jane in "Spiderman" 
was that cute little 'bite-me' brat who co-starred with
Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in "Interview With The Vampire."

That actor Tobey Maguire who played Spiderman was the
lead dude in the movie "Pleasant Ville?" Wat a surprise..

I use to go to Farmer's Market (somewhere on the 3rd floor) 
in the Araneta Coliseum area in Q.C. as a kid just to get
Spiderman (and Walt Disney) comics that came out monthly.

Interestingly, they were old issues being reprinted somewhere
in the country. I was getting the latest issues from friends
working in Clark Air Base and getting all the old ones first
issued in the 60's from Farmer's. 

I was one of the only local boys in Angeles City with a huge
collection. Only American kids on the US Base had a bigger
stash. Made friends with some of them by trading. heh. 
I should have been on the US-Phil Base Agreement Board. 

Sadly, I never got one of those cool Spiderman pajamas 
they sold on the American Base. *sob* ( Got a BATMAN
one though! LoL )



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