Phil. Daily Inquirer, Dec. 16, 2000

Regine Velasquez
by Mary Ann A. Bautista and Ricky T. Gallardo
Is on a Roll . .

AFTER everything that has happened, Regine Velasquez
still considers 2000 as a very good year. It will be recalled 
that in the middle of this year, she was caught in a controversy 
with the U.S. Embassy where her visa was revoked.

But after the storm, Velasquez was able to pick up the pieces 
right away with successive victories in both her recording and 
film projects. At the Viva headquarters, Velasquez is the flavor 
of the season for having brought in a lot of income from her hit 
movies and CD albums. On the concert circuit, she has been 
hailed as the real concert queen for having both vocal and 
production merits and top crowd-drawing capacity.

Considering that times are really hard, Velasquez still 
mustered enough courage to launch her all-classic CD which 
has now been certified platinum. And as if all these aren't 
enough, she's going full blast this holiday season with an 
ambitious Christmas concert at the NBC Tent of The Fort 
on Dec. 22.

She will team up anew with musical director Gerard Salonga, 
whom Velasquez considers a newfound friend. "Gerard and I 
get along very well both in terms of personality and music, 
and I guess that's an edge for any concert artist," she says.

Velasquez is unperturbed that she is still romantically 
unattached up to now, saying that she's been used to past 
Christmases without a special someone. "I guess that will come 
if it's meant to be, but for now, I cannot push myself to have 
someone just because it's Christmas. I am very much contented 
with spending the holidays with my family."


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