" " Q U O T E S " "
by the
Song Bird's Own Fans


( Some quotes were partially and just slightly changed. )





" She's a real treat 
for the senses "

" She sounds even better live 
than her own recording(s).."

" I was so happy about how the Hush concert 
turned out to be... it was such a nice show! 
Yun nga lang, who can ever get enough 
of Regine?? Sana she sang more songs pa. " 

" Regine surely isnt making whispers, 
she's making the loudest noise 
in the industry! " 

" I'd have to agree that Regine gave it 
all she can when it comes to her voice!!! 
She used different techniques.. from soft 
voice/low tone to high pitched voice and 
all that!!! It was truly a treat for us!! "


" Regine at her best, really. can't believe how 
she sang perfectly. am not overstating here. "
-A Regine fan who watched 
'Songbird Sings the Classics' concert.

(This show was turned into a live album recording
and is now one of her best selling albums to date)

" 2000 was one of Regine's best years. 
She went through a lot of ups and downs 
and manage to prevail and come out stronger "

" Watching her perform is but one of the few
things that keeps our sanity intact amidst 
all the notoriety and turmoil faced by the 
Philippine nation these days "

' You listen to the music
and you like to sing along
you want to get the meaning
out of each and every song - '

' Then you find yourself a message
and some words to call your own -
and take them home . . '
                  - Bread






You’re right. I watched it again last Saturday and
Sunday and it’s still drawing crowds. I think the
highest grossing movie this year is “Anak”. I heard
it grossed over 150 million. I just hope that Viva
will not conceal the true earning of Kailangan Ko’y
Ikaw as it did for R2K album. -
A Regine fan

" I couldn't agree with you more. Viva should give Regine 
all the breaks. They're are making lots of money out of her, 
and in return, Viva should do everything to make Regine 
realize her dream to become an international recording 
artist. With regine's immense talent, she should be heard 
by the whole world!!! " -
Well respected Reg fan on her lists


" Here in my town (Subic) the song Dadalhin has been 
enjoying the No. 1 spot for already three consecutive 
weeks and still reigning. I wonder why Viva hasn't 
been giving Regine another award. I'm pretty sure it's 
not just a platinum mark. Why oh why?!!! "

" Regine is definitely fantastic, amazing, fabulous, and the greatest 
of all divas in our country. I was still on the cloud 9 when i watched her
"One Night with Regine" last Sunday. The concert was indeed very 
fantastic as the songbird once again proved that she is the reigning 
number diva in our country. i hope they will re-play that one because 
I can't get enough of it! "

" Regine is hot, hot, hot, hot! " -A fan

" I hope Regine's career should focus now more on the
International Market... Believe me, Regine doesnt need
to prove anything... alam na ng Filipino na SuperGaling 
na singer sya... kailangan lang makilala si Regine sa 
ibang bansa..." -Regine fan

"After reading all your posts, I also need to add, Regine's 
not just a singer, she's a true-blooded artist. An artist 
doesn't stay complacent in one place. She will EVOLVE 
(we have that to hope for!) She's come a long way and 
more opportunities are still opening up to her. She may 
not yet even be at her prime, because there are so many 
things she can still do." - Regine fan Yasmin

" I like Regine and Lani, I could say that
they're both World Class Artists "
- a thoughtful and wise Regine fan

" Besides, sabi nga ni Regine, it's also good to have 
a little competition. What I just don't like is that they are 
trying to use Regine to bolster Lani's career." -Regine fan

It looks like Regine will have another hit song via
"Hanggang Ngayon". I always hear it being played on
the radio and the more I listen to it, the more I'm
becoming addicted to it. The song is very beautiful.
Regine's rendition is fantastic.

A LESTER FAN : Hi Les, I really love your new website.. actually,
I keep on checking your old site and its good that you
update it with a very amazing site.. I really enjoy
almost all the features, and songs and mp3s are really
kewl.... the design is not really tacky but simple and
nice. The loading is very fast.. and most especially
maraming kanta ni Regine... 





" Don't let the tears 
you cry blind you

To the dream that 
is waiting to find you

There's one more chance
in every turn of the world "

             - Christopher Cross



" Everything happens for a reason. Even the greatest error and the deepest hurt 
are meant to mold us into a person of strength and character. "
- A Regine article