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Sat, 07 Oct 2000 
The show should not just be any other show - it was to celebrate Regine 
Velasquez's 14th anniversary in the entertainment industry! Thus, it had 
to be different. Well, it was different.

Since I was the first one to get inside, I was able to take a good look at 
the place. The seats were so near each other. But at least, they placed a 
video wall on one side of the ballroom so people could just look at it when 
they couldn't see Regine. The stage was small and low but it looked 
stylish with those hanging white cloth at the back. As always the case, 
the venue was jampacked and the show started late. But then, how could
it start on time if many just went in at 9 p.m. (the scheduled showtime)?

The show opened with "Songbird" that was different since it had an upbeat 
arrangement. Regine came from the back like what she did in her previous 
concert there. She was ravishing in her black low-back, plunging neckline, 
sleeveless gown with black tulle covering her. After singing, she 
immediately got the black tulle off. We gasped when she faced us. The 
opening of her gown in front almost reached her navel. It was so 
flattering to her alabaster skin. I think she's the only diva who can wear 
that right now. With our reaction, she said "okay!" Right after singing 
"You Will Be My Music," she greeted the audience and talked about the 
show. "It's always nice to celebrate anniversaries. Know why? Because it 
gives you a good excuse to experiment a little bit with new 
things..." That statement did not only apply to the repertoire of the show 
but also to what she was wearing. She went on by singing a Mancini 
medley. After a few seconds, "Autumn Leaves" followed. I marveled  
at the arrangement they used for this number. At first, Regine was only 
accompanied by the piano. Then in the middle part, they jazzed up the song.

Since the show featured classic songs, the topic of Regine's spiel became 
"classic" artists. One artist who she considers classic is Barbra 
Streisand. She revealed how much she admires Barbra and how sad she is 
that she cannot see Barbra perform live anymore since Barbra had her last 
concert performance already. She sang "Somewhere" as a tribute to 
Barbra. It seemed like Regine could have sustained the last note a little 
longer but she had to stop since the musicians already stopped playing.

After doing quite a number of foreign songs, she began singing OPM - the 
songs of Ryan Cayabyab and Basil Valdez. She started with "Tuwing 
Umuulan." But first, she pointed at Robin Padilla in the crowd. She 
proceeded with a Basil Valdez medley. She was misty eyed near the end of 
this number. To end this "Ryan-Basil" part of the show, she did "Sometime, 

Regine continued the show by doing 2 songs that she considers "martyr" 
songs. She sang a mellow "Breaking Up is Hard to Do"complete with sexy 
movements. Then she sat down to do a heartfelt "If You Go Away." During 
that song, some got distracted because a few cellular phones rang near our 
area! Good thing, Regine and the other artists did not mind those phones.

To lighten up the mood, Regine went down and sang "Just the Way You Look 
Tonight." Near the end of the song, the person in front of me told Regine 
"ang ganda-ganda mo Regine!" Regine got thrilled with the comment that she 
asked him to say it again, this time - on the microphone. So the guy 
repeated what he said. In response, Regine said "Ito naman, hindi naman... 
hindi naman masyado!"

Regine got back onstage and she began singing "What Are You Doing the Rest 
of Your Life." "Run to You" soon followed. For me, this was the number 
where Regine went full blast with her vocal pyrotechnics. After that, it 
was time for her to introduce the musicians. This portion was so different 
from her past shows. The musicians usually played after their names have 
been called. But in this show, they did not do anything.

To get on with the show, Regine sang a '70s folkish medley that had songs: 
"So Far Away" and "At 17" among others. She justified the inclusion of 
that medley by saying that she thinks that every generation has classic 
songs and for her generation, those are the classic songs.

It was getting near the end of the show so she thanked the 
sponsors. Regine called a foreign representative of Bailey's and he 
expressed his gratitude onstage while she took a sip of the drink. She 
held her glass even after the guy went down. It was quite amusing watching 
Regine drink Bailey's while Gerard Salonga (the musical director) just 
drank water. Her request of a duet with Gerard ("Madness" ?) was up 
next. Gerard's voice lacked power but nevertheless, they were applauded.

By that time, she has sung almost all the classic songs that could be found 
in the promo. for the concert. But there was still more - a medley of 
Barry Manilow's songs, "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw" and the final song - "What 
Kind of Fool Am I?." Since Regine pointed to Robin early in the show, it 
was quite expected that Robin would go up the stage. When Robin was beside 
Regine, Regine talked in English. When she asked him to say something, he 
said "huwag mo na 'kong Ingglisin." Obviously, the crowd laughed at his 
remark. After singing the theme song of their movie, Regine thanked 
everyone who went there and sang the final song. She was given a standing 
ovation. But of course, the crowd did not let her go just like that, they 
asked for more. So Regine came out and did the request portion to the 
delight of the people. The songs in the request portion were "On the Wings 
of Love," "You Are My Song," "Lets Get Loud," "Long & Winding Road," "Sana 
Maulit Muli," "Sun & Moon" [from Ms. Saigon], "I Don't Want to Miss a 
Thing," "Fallen'," "In My Life" and "Ikaw." She bid goodbye after singing 
"I'll Be Seeing You" (the arrangement they used was the one they did in 
"Reminiscin'" in Feb., 1998).

When the people were going out of the venue, I saw Lea Salonga (in a 
jacket) congratulating Gerard for doing a great job. I totally agree with 
her. Just hearing Gerard's arrangements, one would know that he really 
worked hard for the show. As for Regine, she was different in the sense 
that she spoke a bit serious. But, her wacky side showed a little once in 
a while. I think that's great since most of the songs were 
heavy. Performance-wise, she was at her best. She always gave what was 
needed in the song. I think she could have gone on and on since she still 
had lots of energy as seen in the request portion. For me, the show did 
not just celebrate Regine's 14th anniversary, it also presented how Regine 
managed to stay long in the business (i.e. give one hundred percent of 

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musical director and piano: Gerard Salonga
2nd keyboard: Rica Arambulo
guitar: Cesar Aguas
bass: Roger Herrera
drums: Nino Regalado
other musicians: Manila Philharmonic Orchestra


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