Regine’s Solution to Piracy
by Danny Vibas

( Take them to Luneta and have them all shot? J.kidding )

To produce albums that come with desirable mementoes 
and premiums that fans would love to own and gladly pay for.

That’s Regine Velasquez’s “antidote” to piracy for her latest 
album from Viva Records: The mysteriously titled "Reigne."

Wrapped in an elegant and glossy gray box, the album’s CD 
copy goes with a glossy photo-songbook showing Regine 
in various luscious thigh-exposing poses. The photo-
songbook’s inside back cover has her sitting in bed 
in a flimsy nightie with her left nipple subtly visible.

Some random CD boxes also carry a certificate for a golden 
necklace with a “Reigne” pendant.

“My idea is: Make it really tempting for people to buy original 
copies of the CD album instead of pirated ones by offering 
the buyers album features that pirates will most likely not bother 
to reproduce when they illegally copy the album,” explains 
Regine to the press one afternoon at the Viva Entertainment 
conference room at E. Rodriguez Ave., QC.

“'Yun bang hindi nila panghihinayangang magbayad ng P300 
para sa isang CD album dahil it’s not only the album that they 
will get but everything else that go with it,” she points out.

Maybe it will work.

Or for the sake of a predominantly Christian nation that has 
been crying out for honesty from its political and business 
leaders, let us make it work. ( Will someone please do a 
survey of how many good Catholics and good Christians 
of whatever denomination have been lapping up those
pirated CDs! )

"Reigne," as explained in earlier press releases about the 
album, is but a play on the singer’s first name. The album 
features 18 songs, 17 of which are OPM and practically 
all newly written. The songs are a blend of Filipino and 

The album’s carrier single is “To Reach You” (by Liza Dy 
Chat Zamora), which already has an engrossing music 
video airing on some cable stations.

Is Regine’s suddenly controversial brother-in-law, Raul Mitra 
(husband of sister Cacai), involved in the album?

( How can anyone be called 'suddenly' controversial when 
he didn't do anything at all? He didn't even say anything. He
was dragged into something not of his or Regine's doing.-mm)

Yes, as one of Regine’s arrangers and one her six co-producers.

At the mention of Raul’s name by one of us, Regine launches 
into an almost lengthy defense of the guy who suddenly became 
controversial for doing the musical score of her recent movie 
with Aga Muhlach - "Pangako…Ikaw Lang":

“You know, all I did was give the guy a big break because he 
really has the talent for music like all the other people reaping 
success in the industry now. After the break I gave him in 
'Pangako…Ikaw Lang,' yung mga movie and album producer 
na ang kusang lumalapit sa kanya.

“I don’t think what I did was a crime. We all do it for our relatives 
na alam naman nating may talent, may kakayahan at 
nangangailangan lang ng break. Raul has been composing and 
arranging even before he met Cacai. So why should I be faulted 
for what I’ve done for a talented and very capable person. 
'Di ba dapat purihin pa ako ng mga tao dahil sa
pagmamalasakit ko?”

Of course, people should praise her for what she has done. 
Praise her in the same vein they should stop buying pirated CDs 
that feed the greed of some people (including foreigners, we hear) 
from the military and from the ranks of supposedly legit 
businessmen.  -Manila Times, Dec. 20, 2001

( Say, what is this writer trying to say? That people from our own
military is benefit from piracy? And some businessmen? Speak up,
dude! Spill the beans! Maybe this is why piracy can't be stopped
so easily. -mm )





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