Malaya Newspaper, Aug. 28, 2002

Regine Produces . . .

          Roselle's New Single


The producer of "Open" is no less than Asia's Songbird herself, Regine 
Velasquez. Regine, being the song's producer is one of the reasons why 
"Open" carries commercial viability without undermining its relevant 
thematic content. This is the very first time that Regine worked with 
ABS-CBN's Star Records as album producer.

Roselle feels very honored for having the chance to work with Regine in the 
production of "Open." "I'll never forget the kindness and generosity that 
Regine showed me while we were working on 'Open.' She is so talented and 
very easy to work with. I'm very proud to have her as the producer of this 
new song," says Roselle.

Regine is equally happy to have worked with Roselle in the recording of 
"Open." She has been very vocal about her opinion that Roselle is one of 
the most talented and gifted young singers that we have today. Aside from 
being the producer of "Open" she also functions as Roselle's back-up 
vocalist in the recording of the song.

In line with the promotion of "Open," an MTV directed by upcoming film 
director Topel Lee is being aired on several music video programs. "All 
About Love" is available in CDs and cassettes in all leading record bars 


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