All my life was a paper 
once plain, pure and white

Till you moved with your pen 
changing moods now and then
Till the balance was right

Then you added some music 
every note was in place

And anybody could see 
all the changes in me 
by the look on my face 

 Like a rhyme with no reason 
in an unfinished song

There was no harmony 
life meant nothing  to me 
until you cam along

And you brought out the colors
what a gentle surprise

Now I'm able to see 
all the things life can be
shining soft in your eyes 

                                                     ' You Decorated My Life ' - Kenny Rogers

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Regine's new movie was the film fest top grosser!


  Regine's new movie soundtrack back on the charts! Heading for platinum!! . . . Regine plans concert with Ariel Rivera . . . As far as we know Regine DOES NOT want to do a concert with Lani M. . . Get a clue, Primeline! . . . RESIDENT GMA CATCHES REGINE-MARTIN CONCERT AT THE DOME! . . whoa . .RegineV@net webber knows who sent a virus on the mailing list but is still trying to cover it up . . And mmJun will continue trying to get the truth out of her till 'hell freezes over' . . Fans are advised : "Think For Yourselves!" . .Don't let others do your thinking for you! . . Always remember who has been your eyes and ears the last few years . . REGINE RULES BECAUSE FANS DO! . . Not the webbers . .

The emergency Regine web page area when this section is down is at :   ( Better book mark dat! )

         11 July 2004

 mmJun has been into researching of information than posting most of the artist's updates.

Regine Velasquez 
Asia's Songbird 
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Martin Neivera and Regine Velasquez 
in Concert Together!



Ogie Alcasid mentioned on TV he will have a show in Bulacan 
with Regine Velasquez. I seen no info on it at this time.. -mmJun

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Is This also a REGINE FAN SITE?
(looks like one to meh. LOLZ..)

Sarah Geronimo Fans Forum
Winner of Regine's STAR FOR A NIGHT
( Forum co-managed by Sarah fan sk8ergurl )

If its just a coincidence its about the fifth major one so far.

Aba. Have you guys been reading some of the recent articles
by Male Pop singer Ariel has been saying out of the blue? And 
then what a Regine fan reported about what he said during an
interview on a celebrity talk-show? Let's settle a intriguing issue
once and for all and in the right way. I'm calling for anyone to 
help acquire any magazines or articles from the year 1994 & 95.

Only interested in magazines with Regine on the cover and has
an accompanied article inside. Especially those magazines that
have Ariel with Regine. No tabloids. Just those official interviews
with them at the time. Need some help here, good Regine fans! 

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Regine Velasquez shows off tan lines?!

She's been showing up on talk shows lately
sporting a sunburn. But! At the newsstand 2day
she gives a glimpse how nice a tan looks on her.

Sus, Kris Aquino . .
I would call her a bird brain if that wasn't 
considered a compliment with Regine fans.
What the heck is she saying about Martin?!
lolz . . 

Greetings to Joe fr NY & to Regine fan Don-
our site's official Regine concert reviewer! 
And hello again to music man Jeffrey 
Welcome back, pare! :-) .. hi Sha.

And there is a new Regine mailing list by a Regine webber: THE SONG BIRD NEST

Regine article : REGINE: Her Views on Love


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Regine & Lani Fact

Who's The Better Singer?


Top 10 List- "I Doubt You Heard Reg Say"

Regine-Martin Concert Review ( by Regine fan Don )

    Spotlight on a Regine music fan
who is also a singer in Chicago!

Check his web site out and hear
a couple of MP3s of his at:

mmJun's favorite New Regine song: "Dadalhin" My favorite old Regine song: "Zoom" My favorite song written by Janno Gibb for Regine: "Tonight" My favorite songs written by Ogie Alcasid : 'All of them!' My favorite Regine personal theme songs: "The Greatest Love of All" "You Are My Song" "Narito Ako" My favorite song I like Regine to Sing: "Run To Me" by the BeeGees (But I prefer Marie Osmond's version) A song I know Regine may want to Sing: " Now that You're Gone" by Michael Jackson (the Jacksons)

The concert of Regine Velasquez 
at Fort Canning Park has been moved from April 27 to July 6.

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Regine's upcoming movie with Christopher de Leon
Picked for Manila Film fest official entry this June!

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CNN's Lorraine Hahn interviews Regine Velasquez

Regine: Papa's Girl

Regine wows Hollywood


SAY YES FOR CHILDREN with Regine Velasquez

UNICEF Concert in Shanghai 16th November 2002


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" The depth of your soul
Would inspire any muse
to lose control ..

There's no one 
in this whole world,
That teaches me 
the way that you do - "

" Undying admiration ..
I'll write it on the sky
And tell the world of my
Undying admiration .. "

-David Pomeranz

God we pray to you,
In heaven up above,

Watch over our song bird -
Protect her with your love.

Please guide her
and keep her safe
both night and day,

Hold her firmly in your care,
Should danger come her way.

Give her true strength and courage
And good character that never ends,

One more thing we ask dear Lord -
Protect her family, 
fans and friends . .                                      

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where you put yourself into 
the song and act it out." -RV

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I believe there 
comes a time
where everything 
just falls in line

We live and learn 
from our mistakes 
the deepest cuts 
are here by fate

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Were there Regine fans helping Regine's distracter undermine her chances to go International? Sadly to say, yes there was. 

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