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Welcome to the Music Inside Buzz!
( Temporary One )

Unfortunately the full site went bye, bye ..
But don't you worry because it will be back.
Just give me a day or two and a six pack of coke
and I'll have it up faster than you can say
HAPPY THANKSGIVINGS!! Have a happy musical day!!
Hi George! Hi Bob! And Marie..

The problem I'm having right now
is that the program won't load
AT ALL! And my disk drive is
acting funny. Sus! And I had
several hot news to share with
music fans too! So sori..

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

So please come back
in a few days again.
Sorry PinoyConcerts@com
for being down. And to
Pops & Regine fans : (

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What's New?

Pops Fernandez gets
her birthday shows line up.

Regine velasquez prepares to
launch her 18th ( or is it 19th)
album this December!

11/22-FLASH!! Though Regine's new album
is due in stores officially on the 2nd of
December, some stores will be getting their
copies earlier on the 29th of Nov! Those
people are the ones with good pull with
the distributors. You know, the one who
delivers the goods around! No word yet
on the poster or what the cover looks
like. But I got my reservation for one
coming in on the 29th!

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