" Kuh for God,    
& for a Cause "   

By Liezel Ocampo
Contributor, Inquirer News Service 

POP diva Kuh Ledesma is also known for being ready to support a worthy cause, whether it's the environment, fighting poverty or speaking out against politicians who don't do their jobs. 
She did it again last March 25 when she performed in a show at the Puerta Real Gardens in historic Intramuros for the benefit of the Power Network International Foundation (PNIF). The PNIF is dedicated to finding, training, equipping, and empowering young leaders. 

The show is called "For The Love Of . . ." It aimed to raise funds to support a nationwide free leadership training program for Filipino youths. The program will in turn set into motion another worthy cause-the group's WAP (War Against Poverty) Power Events. 

Kuh didn't just sing. She even agreed to model for the artists of the Saturday Group. The finished works were exhibited and sold (some were raffled off as a come-on to those who bought tickets for as much as 5,000 pesos a seat) to help raise funds for the PNIF programs. The Saturday Group agreed to donate 30 percent of the proceeds of the sales to help PNIF. 

Nearly all the songs in the Intramuros show spoke of hope, rebirth, faith in God, nationalism, unity, love and friendship. 

From the first song until the very last, Kuh proved why she is the diva of divas: Her voice soared, strong and clear, even when the sound system was popping and crackling all throughout, prompting Kuh to remark, "May fireworks pala dito sa Intramuros." 

She sang two Streisand songs, the very touching "If I Could" as footage of her daughter Isabella, showing her from infancy to the present, played out on a giant video screen in the background. 

Then Kuh brought out the real thing, Isabella herself, to do two duets with her. Isabella has developed into a truly fine singer. Isabella will also be her mom's special guest in a repeat of her inspirational concert, "On Higher Ground," at the Music Museum on April 12 and 13. 

Special guest Jamie Rivera (who said she'd been waiting all of 15 years to duet with Kuh) came out to sing the inspirational hit "Heal Our Land," after which she did a solo of "My Life is in Your Hands." 

Kuh, who says she became a serious Born-Again Christian four years ago, recounted to the audience how God has changed her life. And to the viewers' credit, they actually applauded her instead of making snide remarks about her having turned into, as she put it that night, a "Jesus freak." 

But even if she is, Kuh does look happier and so much more at peace. Who's to say that's not a good thing?


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