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Still Kool, and Now Also a Christian
by the Metro and Entertainment Staff

Why is your new album "Sing Along with Kuh?"
It’s a compilation of the best duets I did with my "Power of Two" partners - 
Regine (Velasquez), Jaya and Pops (Fernandez). I thought it would be 
a nice gift for Christmas for those who like to do karaoke. When I was 
recording it, it was like making two albums because it’s too vocal. 
I recorded it in my studio at home. I hope people will be challenged 
enough or interested to learn the harmony or the second voice.

Is there another "Power of Two" concert?
Either Zsa Zsa (Padilla) or somebody else. But as of now, wala pa talaga.

Where did you get the concept of "Duets"?
Everybody was doing it, but Babsie (Molina), my backup singer,
made me an arrangement of "Habang May Buhay" and the reaction 
of the people was very positive. We would always put it in my repertoire. 
Then we thought of a show where all the songs would be duets. 
That’s how "Power of Two" came about. I first did "Habang May Buhay" 
with Regine. She’s such a quick learner and very professional. 

Did you make an effort to prove you were not gay?
No, I just tell those people I’ll give anyone a million bucks if they can prove it. 
There were several issues, from Monique Wilson to Regine Velasquez. 
Once, I was coming home from LA and the rumor that Regine was my 
girlfriend was very fresh. There was this girl on the plane who kissed me 
and it was Ara Mina pala. I never saw her before but I know she looks like 
Sharon (Cuneta) so I was able to tell it was Ara Mina.

We were both in first class and she was sitting beside a guy. 
She was traveling alone. Then she asked if she could sit beside me. 
The thing that instantly came to my mind was, "Naku, baka matsismis 
naman kami nito." But she sat with me. She’s a very nice girl. 
There were even passengers and flight attendants who asked 
for her autograph during the flight.

What’s wrong with making a lot of money?
Nothing, but I’ll feel I’m greedy. But you can please 
a lot of people. I can make money from other things. 
I can do my tour. That’s enough for me. Now I have 
a purpose. I can do one big show and invite my friends 
in the business and raise P3 million to send a hundred 
kids to school. That’s very fulfilling. It’s hard to do 
because the attraction of keeping that money is so strong. 
But to be able to do that gives me a purpose.

Who are the artists who will perform in your benefit show?
They are only getting honorarium and they’ve said yes right away. 
Regine said, "Anytime." Martin (Nievera) and Gary (Valenciano) 
have also agreed and I’m still going to ask Pops (Fernandez).

Among the younger ones, who do you think show promise?
I don’t really know all of them. I can’t even call them by their names. 
I don’t watch a lot of TV until now, but I’ve become a news addict 
with the impeachment proceedings. I really haven’t seen one that I feel 
"Wow, this is going to be a singing superstar." But when I saw Regine, 
she was still Chona Velasquez at that time, that same moment 
I called up Sandra (Chavez) and told her how good a talent Regine was. 
It’s also a pity we don’t have male singers anymore.

by the
Metro and Entertainment Staff

kuh ledesma article

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