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" KUK "     By KATA 
ALLOW me to give way to a piece by my friend Kata Inocencio. 
Kata and I share the sentiments of Kuh Ledesma when it comes 
to spiritual matters. Come and see for yourself why Kuh is higher 
than high this weekend at the Music Museum. 

"Not too long ago, I sang her songs with all the heart and vocal 
prowess that I could muster. 'Dito Ba?' while in search of my place 
in the sun. 'I Think I'm in Love' when I thought I was in love. 'Ako
ay Pilipino' when nationalism was demanded of every Filipino. 

"She inspired me so that I did in my life everything she sang, 
literally. I found for myself my own little place in the broadcast 
industry, fell in and out of love, and marched together with all 
patriots in Edsa 1 and 2. 

"Kuh Ledesma could actually move you to live the songs she sings. 
The original diva, with the nightingale's voice and that take-me-or-leave-me 
stance, obviously had an undying commitment to her art and she 
always reinvents herself and her works. Kuh never fails to surprise 
her audience with her original, inspiring, bold and daring trend-
setting concepts, and all are excellently done. I was particularly 
awestruck and mesmerized when I watched Kuh in 'On Higher 
Ground' at the Music museum recently. 

"Kuh did the unexpected by opening her show with a popular 
upbeat Christian song, 'Open the Eyes of My Heart,' soulfully 
sang all her songs, including several spiritual songs, and 
unabashedly shared her true-to-life story, and her audience 
didn't know what hit them. This 'Ice Lady' had her heart 
and soul on fire. 

"She sang 'Impossible Dream' with so much fervor and candor 
that I wept throughout the song. Even the late Ninoy Aquino would 
have agreed this was the best rendition of his favorite song. 

"Judging from the glow on her face and her youthful looks, 
one would think that Kuh is in love. And in love she is, indeed, 
with her Maker, Redeemer, Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. 

"Kuh had been separated from husband Louie Gonzalez 
for four years. But she is very hopeful that her marriage 
will be restored. God has told her so and she believes."


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