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Name: Jun Manalang

Group Name: Regine Velasquez Mailing List

What do you feel is the violation?

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The moderator of that list? Before he 
banned me from it? He was sending extra 
copies of my posts to my box. Like I 
would send a post out? He would send 
the same one but it came in three's. Is 
that spamming? I don't know. But I also 
know he also was delaying my some of my 
posts and in some instances even 
changing my posts to make it look like 
I'm talking out of my head. I'm a 
little late reporting this. Because 
Filipinos like to keep the peace. But I 
was advised to. In case someone else 
complains in the future. You now have a 
record. What the moderator did was 
wrong. Thank you. ( He and several of 
his 'pals' didn't like my presence 
there. I theorize they felt uneasy 
about me. I use to work for an agent of 
the artist in question there. )


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