In one of the 
strangest and weirdest 
to happen 
in the Song Bird's 
musical universe -



Celine Dion is having a TV special this week ..
And guess who her musical guests are?!
-'Brian McKnight and 'Destiny's Child'


It doesn't take a Viva scriptwriter to imagine
that it could have been a Regine TV special.


While some misguided music fans created a real stir
by telling another music artist that the Song Bird was 
the first choice for several projects that made her big?

-Did you know about the situations where Regine 
could have been the one chosen for some of Dion's
projects/material? Incredible but true.


But to prevent more misguided attacks on another 
artist .. well, you know what that means. What can
be shared is what you probably already know. That
Regine duet with Paul Anka was also done with Ceon.
Even after Anka promised he would do all he can 
to help the Song Bird soar.


About Ceon's guests on her show -

Destiny's Child sings 'Emotions' on it. And it is the 
exact version Regine did first on her 'Drawn' album.
Destiny's Child song producer was the same producer
for Regine's album. Interesting and true.


And Brian McKnight ..

Didn't he complete a 2-nite sold-out shows with Regine just
last Valentine? Will he be singing some of the same songs
he sang with Regine? Doesn't matter. Just being Ceon's guest
is wild enough. It'll be practically a surreal experience to watch. 


You can easily believe this is one of those strangest and
most incredible coincidence that music fans got to hear
about if you been a keen Song Bird fan. It is for me.




Speaking of TITANIC . .

Did anyone catch that Simpson spin-off called "Futurama"
on cable TV the other week? It was a take-off of Titanic.
Hilarious, no? If you can't laugh today you're in a sad state.

of mind..



R E G I N E 'S 
C O S M I C  T I E S  
Destiny's Artists . .
( Only for hard core types with open minds )


The Songbird has shown to have some sort of cosmic ties with artists like Lea Salonga, Pops Fernandez, Coco Lee, Mariah Carey and now very clearly with Celine Dion. ( And also, most of all- Barry Manilow! But that's another story.. )

I know what some fans are thinking.. What about artists like Jaya and Kuh and Martin and especially Lani-U-Know-Who. 

I don't know. I'm not a library here. More historic information is required. More fan research needed! But to my understanding regarding my favorite Regine clone - Lani. She don't count. A cosmic connection cannot apply when someone is being force upon the person/artist. And having said that let me answer the next logical fan question .. Was there a cosmic tie with a certain male singer? That I wouldn't know for certain but there is a interesting question to ask. Was it fate or just forced upon the artist? Fate is something meant to be. But fate can be changed by events caused by other people. The previous artist before him seems to have been. According to events of the day. Interesting, no? 

Cosmic events are not decided by man. Most probably by the grace of God. 

Regine's incredible run at the movies is definitely a cosmic run. Viva was prevented from using their contracted 'love team' somehow and Regine's midas touch made cinema history! Talk about fate happening in the right hands.. People still don't know what her impact to the industry is. I'm sure it wasn't the money made. It'll be something really big like a complete attitude change. It'll be with the things that change after her run. But some changes should be happening now already. 

I think more should be said about her and what her influence means to the industry in the media. Unfortunately, alot of them seem to be still clueless. So Its up to her fans again. To carry her legacy. Keep flames burning.   

Update/July 2002- With the breaking news that Michael Jackson is speaking publicly about his Sony Records boss and his managing ways, I'm starting to notice a few interesting things being bought out into the light and realize that Regine just may have had a cosmic tie with Mike too! Besides being a major musical influence for Reg did you know there were several serious attempts to get Mike and Regine together musically? There was even talk of reaching that Pinoy couple who worked for Mike. But that was before they had a fallout with the artist. 


Heavy to digest, no? 
If its all new to you it will be
Take in with a grain of salt .. 



Several fans complained that I'm always holding
back with the interesting music stories. How does those
 on this page grab you. LoL. Still prefer the old boring stuff?