Dear Regine Stalker .. Who is now Jun's Stalker -

As you can see you are about to be exposed in public.

One can only take your kind of abuse so long 
and you're just getting worst. The last few years.

If you don't stop your doings and 'bad influences' 
your name will be released on site. And you don't 
want that now, do you? This includes what your pals
are doing on your behalf as well. All trails seem to lead
to one hole . . you.

So consider this one of our last warnings. You're very lucky.
You're considered small fish. Its the big one we're interested in.
So take the clue and go away quietly. Don't bother wondering
if its you we're talking about. Why take that chance. You're
not that sneaky. And its obvious where everything started from.

You have a personal problem to deal with. Please don't make 
us a part of it. You Won't like what we have to say. Since you're
such a nice friend to so many. It'll be a shame for them to know 
you're really plastic and only care for the attention more than 
anything else. Certainly not for the artist herself. We know you're
just feeding off her popularity with other 'real' fans. Get help, dude.

Stop the stalking.