Friends say its great 
now that you're a star!

but what do they expect? 
from a boy who loves you 
just the way you are -

And late at night ..
though I know 
some things have changed

I still wish you were here 

don't you ever get lonely?


You're a part of me
that I can't do without -

You're the part of me
that dreams are all about -

But you can't hold onto
something that you 
never had before ..

Love waits for the wind
to bring you back again -

                     -' You're A Part Of Me '



There are nights
When I can't help but cry
And I wonder why
You had to leave me

Why did it have to end so soon
When you said that you
Would never leave me

Tell me
Where did I go wrong?
What did I do 
to make you
Change your mind completely?

When I thought
This love would never end
But if this love isn't ours to have
I'll let it go with your goodbye..