ntro statements are from a Regine article


On the other hand, it is Regine's being so trusting 
that sometimes gets her into trouble, when unscrupulous 
people take advantage of her. This has happened 
several times, the latest being the fiasco with the 
US Embassy that resulted in her visa being cancelled 
for a year. However, an investigation later revealed that 
it was not Regine's fault. - A former Regine PR Person


As a matter of fact, 
she knew nothing about what happened. 


mmJun says :
Well, if Regine really doesn't have a clue about what may
have happened during that fateful day and tenseful year
she should get a hold of us so we can point her to someone
who does. That wasn't a random act of bad chance for her.

Someone or some people didn't want her to leave at that
time. It could be so she wouldn't have a successful US Tour.

It also could be that they heard about Arista Records 
and about how she would be introduced to a few good
persons who wanted to help close a chance deal for her. 

With just those reasons alone I bet you can
list 3 possible suspects - ( take out Mark Fiest from
lineup ) Who do you think had reasons to want to stop
the artist from having International opportunities . .?

Regine's Canada Incident has similarities to her 
US Embassy Incident
she experienced before.
Is there some connection between them somehow?!



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