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Why is Regine's latest album "Reigne" being kept at PLATINUM?
When we heard tidbits about how fast it went to double-triple Platinum?!
What is so important about keeping the sales tally down? Why was some
of the sales tally going to Lani M. "Crossover" album?! Why did Lani M.
mention Regine's Valentine's concert with McKnight in a press statement 
without stating who is the VIVA manager she was referring to? Why after 
close to nine months in the top 10 of most major record charts including
internet and provincial bar has Regine's latest album "Reigne" only been
given just a platinum award?! Did you know most of Regine's albums 
since Drawn have all gone platinum within a weeks (even days) after they
are released?! And her fans say this is one of her best?!

What the heck is going on out there? 

Where's Captain Barbell ?

In Odyssey's OPM charts :
( JANUARY 2001 )

"Regine Live" CD is at # 1
"'Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw" CD is at
# 7
"R2K" CD is at
# 10

Reported by a Regine fan from RVML2 
last 11 Jan 2001. It is worth noting that 
at the time Regine's " R2K " was already
more than a year old and was in the top 5 
sales charts earlier for 11 months straight!

To whom it concerns,

Can you pass us info what the status
is on Gabby Eigenmann first CD?
It was produced by the Song Bird.
I hope it passed gold at least.

T. Y.

Background picture from BrowneyesGirl's web site.


Regine's latest album is officially platinum. And that status
has not changed in more than 8 months. It is still in and out
of most record chains top 10 list. In comparison read this :

Manila Bulletin August 24, 2000
" Regine's Album Turns Gold "

After two days of its commercial release, Regine Velasquez'
''Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw'' album under Viva Records was given a
Gold Record Award on GMA 7's ''SOP'' recently. The sales of the
album is tremendously strong and for the first time in the history of
the Philippine Recording Industry, a movie soundtrack is able to
gain much popularity even before the movie itself is shown.

The success of this song proves that Regine is 
still capable of coming up with a hit song that is 
all her own and not revived.



Reg's 1st movie with Aga
official gross was about 30 million.

-It most probably was closer to 80-90
million and that's being conservative.
(why else were they pushing hard for them to 
do another flick? Not because it was a flop!)

Reg's KKI was called the movie that saved
the entire industry.
So it is hard to believe 
it 'ONLY' did 130 million or 150 million.
To make movie writers, insiders and even a 
stun movie company make such a statement
it had to passed at least 200! G : 210 million

Reg's movie with Richard? You couldn't believe 
at first that the actual gross was being tracked in
the media. Must be a first. But since this movie
is considered 'Reg's lowest grosser' its really
no wonder. To save her Midas touch. G : 70 Million

Regine's second movie with Aga 
was a big hit. Media estimate was
at 120-130 million. So the official was
no doubt higher. G : 160-170 million

Combine her other movies and it probably does
justify the statement on the Inside Buzz that Reg's
movies grossed (not net) more than half a billion!!

They gave her a worthless title like Box Office Queen
But she's really the biggest grossing movie actress
in the country today! Second to none. So no need
to compare or compete. Those other artists have
done too many movies while Reg did only a dozen.

Actually Regine may be bigger than you-know-who 
by now. Because she done it all her way. No wild 
scenes.. no sex and no bad violence. She is 
the first and only person to become a superstar
her own way! Think about it .. against the grain!

Don't even get started about her album sales.
She plainly sold more albums than Elvis here!


from the main Regine page :

By the way.. sure piracy is taking allot of the sales tally away
from Reg's new album. But you can't deny one simple fact- it's not
the sales of her pirated copies that has been keeping her album
in the TOP 10 for the last 8 months now! That is telling you her
album has been selling month after month since its release. How
many other albums been in the charts and has been long gone AND
also gone PLATINUM ..?!
Where's Spiderman when you need him -
( Viva has been very quiet when it comes to sales tally issues.. )

The least music fans could do is learn what is happening
if you can't believe you can control what is happening ..


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Buy the real things over the imitations. 
If we buy the real CD's and cassette's,
We are assured that our favorite Artists will keep us
Company longer, and they will make us even more happier
With more heart warming music.

God Bless The Songbird and her Family!!!   :-) 

( Mbr RVML 2 ) JoLoGZ


Post came from RVML 2 ..


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