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Regine's Unofficial Web Site

Regine's Multi-Media Page

Our Reigning SongBird

Regine Velasquez : Asia's Song Bird

The most updating Regine Velasquez
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Regine Velasquez Multimedia Site

December 05, 2002

2 New mp3s from SOP's 12/01/02 episode. Still and Die Another Day is ready for download (Multimedia>>VerySpecial). Listen carefully (die another day) you will hear the impact to regine's song after the dancer hit her chest. Poor regine . Special Thanks To Grace Viray for the mp3s!

October 20, 2002
Updates on Reigning SongBird web site
New Regine concentration game added to REGINE VELASQUEZ REIGNING 
SONGBIRD ...come n' play! also 5 new Regine picture puzzle games added!


October 6, 2002
Updates on Regine Velasquez Multi-media
New mp3s: "Sa Aking Pag-iisa" (live) and "Careless Whispers" 

Fri, 20 Sep 2002 
Updates on

Check out their wallpaper section!
Some of the best looking ones we've seen!
And unlike most of the site areas you get to 
click and download these Regine material.

More Regine wallpaper on another Regine Page.

Fri, 13 Sep 2002 
Updates on

16 screenshots from September 7's Star For a Night 
and 17 screenshots from September 8's SOP

Sept 27, 2002
Updates on Regine Velasquez Multi-media
1 New MP3 "I Need You" from S.O.P.

This is the second Regine web site
of Regine fan and webber

One thing is certain here, his web 
sites are being regularly updated
more than most Regine fan sites.

1999-2000 : 7 NEW PICS by: Roy & Michelle

Sept 17, 2002
Updates on Regine Velasquez Multi-media
The much awaited VIDEOS are now ready for viewing!

August 2002
Updates on Regine Velasquez Multi-media
Added new pics in GALLERY

1999-2000 : 7 NEW PICS contributed by: Roy & Michelle

Jul 29, 2002
Updates on Regine Velasquez Multi-media

RV Multimedia (formerly known as The Regine Velasquez Unofficial Fan Site) is reopening today (July 29) with the new and improved layout and design and with more stuff in it. RV Multimedia is featuring two LIVE mp3's every month, this month's mp3s are CRY and DADALHIN live from S.O.P. More mp3s are featured in the VERY SPECIAL section (Multimedia>>Very Special) You might wanna check these mp3s out ( Simple Things, Weekend In New England, Come What May, Open Arms )

Screenshots from SOP's July 14 episode and pictures from Regine @ The Movies Chicago and the autograph signing after the concert are also up for viewing.

Jul 23, 2002 
Updates on :
20 screenshots from UNICEF's
Speak Your Mind with Regine Velasquez



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