With due respects I have to ask why would 
LANI M. want to make movies now? Is she
planning to be another Cris Aquino? hehe..

Someone take a poll. Who wants to see this
exceptional singer act in a movie?! Not meh.
Why does she think everything Regine does 
is something she can and has to do too. She
can sing. But even if she can act why would
allot of movie goers want to see her in a film?

Regine is one of the TOP 10 sexiest women
in the world! Twice already. I don't see Lani 
kissing Aga. Robin may take anyone. LOL!

Just another example of chicken see - chicken do.

It looks like Lani M. is trying to copy everything 
the song bird does. A few more times and fans
should ask her what's the deal? No creativity of
her own? Then let Regine Velasquez be her new
manager then.


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