Regine Returns ..
to the Museum

Aside from the yearly Christmas Bazaar in Greenhills, another 
much-anticipated annual ''event'' in that very busy hub is Regine 
Velasquez's Music Museum concert series which takes place 
just around the last leg of each year. In 1998, Regine launched 
there her ''Drawn'' album via a series of concerts that played 
to SRO crowds.

That particular album went on to become one of the best–selling 
revival albums during that year. Following this winning formula, 
Regine once again used The Music Museum as the launch pad 
for her R2K album in November last year.

Through a two–weekend series called “Regine 2000,” the song-
bird not only gave her fans a sampling of the best cuts from R2K, 
but also a privileged first glimpse of the music videos which were 
produced alongside the album. The result was phenomenal. 
If the shows’ ticket sales were any indication, Regine had a 
definite platinum in her hands. It was no surprise that R2K fast 
became a triple–platinum bestseller in the early part of 2000.

Now on her third consecutive year at The Music Museum, 
Regine is in the thick of preparations for all her all–acoustic 
concert called “Hush” slated for Nov. 24 and 25. Regine is 
consistently excited about performing at the Museum because 
it gives her an opportunity to explore and experiment with her 
sound. This, aside from the fact that the venue also affords her 
a more intimate reaction with her audiences as opposed to 
performing in giant arenas. The Music Museum she says is a 
perfect venue to keep her ears to the ground. She also 
considers it a “playground” where she can be herself as an 
artist and as a performer.

“Hush,” though, is a show that Regine takes very seriously. 
“It’s an all–acoustic concert, meaning its just going to be my 
voice and the natural sounds of the instruments that will
accompany me,” she explains. One of the Philippine’s finest 
guitarists, Cesar Aguas was tapped to be the show’s musical 
director and arranger. Aside from Cesar’s exquisite guitar–
playing, the show will also feature other instruments played 
by equally talented musicians— Rey Cristobal on grand piano, 
Rudy Lozano on 2nd lead guitar, Sonny Azurin on bass, 
Dingdong Boogie on percussion, Boyet Pigao on drums 
plus eight back–up vocalists.

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