To R e g i n e . .

Your publicist is trying to trick you into transferring
to channel 2. And to do movies with artists associated
with channel 2 who don't have a mind and a free
will of their own like you do. ( And god blessed you with one
for a very good reason, I'm sure.. )

New information is revealing that your publicist has
been involved in undermining your career. In the
present and most definitely in the past. And maybe
even much, much more ..

This is being posted in your fans yahoo groups
because it is not sure that your own people attached to your
own Aria Productions can be trusted to bring these
important concerns up for your personal attention.

I'm now depending on any of your good fans who
are now reading this to personally bring a copy for you
to read during your tour right now in the U.S.

I believe in you, Regine .. I know the best of your
fans do too. Let your trust in god guide you to do the
right things as he has before. But trust not in your
publicist no more.

Yours truly,

J u n M a n a l a n g

Fmr music band manager/co-webber/fan group and
forum moderator/researcher and music investigator/friend
to your fans and the eyes and ears to your true
music friends out there.

-    -    - g o d   b l e s s   o u r   s o n g b i r d (s)   -    -     -

Regine fans.. you know what to do with this
post. And you know how much it is appreciated.

Otherwise, the Regine fan picture Page web site
series wouldn't have been made just for all
of you. ;-)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -