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It's been a years
and a few cold Decembers
feelings lost 
and out of place . .

But now it's gone 
and I can't remember
the feeling is gone 
without a trace -
everything is back in place . .
              -Marie Osmond

Singers keep singing
" love can break a heart in two "

well, you took all those sad songs
and made every word come true. 

 Now I'll always have your memory
and those memories are sweet -

but they'll never take 
the place of holding you .. 

  I caught myself talking 
to myself again last night

In fact we laughed 
and talked about you 
until the morning light - 

 we cried ..
how I need you here with me
and how empty life can be

because nothing matters
without your arms 
to hold me tight - 

 And I'm lonely 
as the night is long
my heart is as broken
as my love is strong 

 My arms are as empty 
as you are gone
and I'm lonely .. lonely
lonely as the night is long -


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