MTV VJ Donita Rose is truly doing the country proud when she was awarded as Best Light Entertainment Presenter/Performer at the recent Asian Television Awards 2002. 

2002- Billy "Piano Man" Joel sang the blues in rehab. Mariah Carey, who also got some "rest," has a hit on her hands with her new album "Charmbraclet." And Whitney Houston, who says regular rehab is not for her, sang to Diane Sawyer. If only ratings equaled record sales.

"Pop" went Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's relationship. And flop went Britney's new restaurant -- bubble gum doesn't make a great entree

Martin Nievera's "My Souvenir" has reached triple platinum, "More Souvenir" has reached double platinum, and "Chasing Time" just garnered the Platinum award. -12/15/02

Whitney Reports by Pinay "browneyedgirl" :
Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits Goes Triple Platinum! 

CD Players Losing Spark
as DVD Mania Grows

Singer Marc Anthony
former Miss Universe

Dayanara Torres :-)
renewing their vows 

Bobby Brown
Whitney Houston's
Hubby -Out On Bail

Ladine Roxas takes London

By Alex  Brosas


Michael Jackson Ends Three Days of Court Testimony

Elton John To Have
Laser Eye Surgery,
Ditch Trademark Glasses

Posthumous Beatles
George Harrison
Album Impresses

Michael Jackson
Testifies at Trial

EMI Licenses
Music Catalog

Jennifer Lopez to Marry Again

Those Degrading Noon Time Shows

Shania Twain's
New Album

George Harrison's
Album Previewed

Compilation of top singers'
live concert performances

Christina Aguilera
Draws Power From
Body Piercings

Study: Online Music
Sales Drop As
File-Sharing Rises

Barbra Streisand
Bequeaths Duets Disc

Regine Velasquez,
Asian’s Songbird
sings at OnStage

Regine Velasquez does
have a new CD. 
Expect it in late Nov..

Regine's OnStage EXTENDED ..

Shakira Wins Five
MTV Latin Awards

Faith Hill Turns Queen
of Record Sales

Grammy winner Shakira
swept MTV's first Video 
Music Awards for Latin

Christina Aguilera
Daring To Be 'Dirrty'

Curse of the Band Girls

Madonna’s Shipwreck

Innovations in Showbiz

Scientist Burns Penis
with Hot Laptop

Dead Elvis
King of the World


Music Biz Pays
for CD Price Scam
A $143.1 million price tag 
has been set for conspiring
to rip off us good CD buyers. 

( Life Magazine )

"Die Another Day" is Madonna's 44th top-40 hit, the highest amount ever for a solo female artist. The material girl overtakes Aretha Franklin, who has had 43 top-40 hits on the Hot 100 to date.
"Die Another Day" will be Madonna's 35th top-10 hit. That will push her past the Beatles' 34 top-10 hits and leave her second only to Elvis Presley, who has amassed 38 top-10 hits to date, a figure Madonna should easily be able to pass this decade.


'Clones' DVDs Flying Off Retail Shelves

Oh, the Things some Singers
have to Do besides Singing!

We Wish You A
Shagadelic Christmas

Val Kilmer to Play Late
Porn King John Holmes

Rod Stewart
has a new CD?!

Sweet Girl, Spice Woman
By Ryan Salvador (PEOPLE ASIA)

Antibacterial Soap 
a Waste of Time, 
Experts Say!!


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