Remember singer-
Millie Riperton? 

Known for the 70's 
US Top 10 hit 

She died back in 1976 at age 28 but that song 
will always and forever be played on local radio 
here in the Philippines. 

Even Lani M. became known early in her career 
for singing songs like that and a few others
like it. ( "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" )

Millie's old Pinoys fans will be interested to know 
her daughter is doing well as an entertainer 
in the U.S. She's a regular cast member for the 
hip TV show "Saturday Night Live." She's known 
for doing funny point-blank parodies of celebrities 
like the members of 'Destiny's Child.'

Her name is Maya Rudolph.

But the real fab news is hearing about her keyboard 
playing in a popular band called 'The Rentals.' She 
also sang back-up vocals and her band once opened 
for Alanis Morissette. She has since quit to do comedy. 
( My kind of multi-talented woman-m&m )

The entertainment bug got her in 6th grade when 
she sang 'Flashdance: What a Feeling' in the school's 
talent show with classmate (future actress)- 
Gwyneth Paltrow. 

It was her father- songwriter Richard Rudolph who 
helped compose "Loving You" with her famous mother. 

Because she was a loud child her mother would sing 
to keep her quiet. In fact, that's how the "la-la" 
chorus from that song came to be. The words were
added with help from the father.

" Loving you,
is easy 
because you're beautiful "

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about Millie Riperton.


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