Channel V Asia made a mistake!
They're showing the BEEGEES video of
" Too Much Heaven " on TV as coming
from the soundtrack of the John Travolta
movie, "Saturday Night Fever." But
it isn't. It's from their album called -
' Spirits Having Flown.'


Do the research, my golly gee wow . .
That was a cheap corner to cut.
They're definitely not MTV !


I also couldn't help but notice 
to spice up the video they inserted
cuts from some karaoke video of a
girl and guy making out. I guess 
they thought the video in itself
is too boring. And that all we 
Asians think about is sexy things.


It's about having some style 
and class too, dudes !

The BEEGEES should sue them
for tampering with their video. And 
they stop that trying to lure the kids
attention by throwing sexy scenes at them.
We already got our local noon TV
variety shows for that one.


midi song playing : " Too Much Heaven "

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