G r e e t i n g s

f r o m  t h e  

Brawl Room !!

What is the matter with some people
in Mimosa Casino?!

Don't they have anything better
to do with their time than trying
to mess with us Regine fans?!


Isn't there allot money and chips 
that need counting or something?


Ok, one of the managers said
they have nothing against us
( Regine fans ) and the incident
is of a personal & private matter.


BUT we didn't like it when several
Mimosa employees went on-line 
pretending they were ticket holders
of Regine's show last July and they
starting spreading only the version
of events of their manager boss.


And what made it a concern for all
Regine fans when one of them joined
a Regine mailing list just to post their
version among Regine's good fans!

And that silly move,
good music fans-


is the kind of thing 
that we just aren't
going to tolerate 
in our own back yard!

I said it before 
and I'll say it again -


" Messing with the Song Bird 
is the same as messing with 
all Regine's good loyal fans! "


So unless they got a darn good justification
for any of their altercations I suggest they
'back off.' Before we show off yet again
fans version of REAL PEOPLE POWER.

And banning Regine from performing 
at any of Pagcor's casinos is pretty much
the right reason for getting her good fans
involve. Don't you agree, music fans?

Darn right  . .

If that so-called ban becomes official?

( posted in a binder banned players book
kept at the front door of all casinos )
we are calling a town meeting of both lists
and some of her forums to discuss what 
Regine fans are going to do about another
incident of injustice happening to your artist

One idea is to flood their main headquarters
with some good well-thought out complains.

Another is a mass volunteer banning of Regine
fans from Mimosa casino. With good publicity!

Or we can all demand that the manager involve
resign himself. We so far listed 4 good reasons
why including unprofessional behavior, bringing
undue bad publicity to the business, involving 
junior employees in personal matters not in 
accordance with casino policies. Etc, etc..

We will be keeping you posted on this silly
situation as it progresses. Their manager also
still has to apologize to the artist.

Maybe even go to court. If so . .
Regine fans will be there too!


Boy, I can almost pity the guy. 

But only almost. hehe..

see u guys on da list -


T h e   B r a w l   R o o m   B o y s !

Time is coming for another major cook-out with the fans..
A real flame fest if ye know what I mean. hehe..
; - )