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From the TEMPO tabloid article, June 14, 2002 : 

This year will see two new potential trend setting albums of KUH. 

The first, WALKING ON WATER is due in August. Inspired by the story of Matthew where Jesus bids Peter to come to Him by walking on water, Kuh's new album is a collection of inspirational songs. It is gospel music with distinct R&B flavor. WALKING ON WATER also includes a remake of DUST IN THE WIND (rearranged by Bob Aves), the contemporary Christian classic YOU ARE WORTHY OF MY PRAISE, FROM THE START by Cecil Azarcon, DO YOU HAVE A MIRACLE FOR ME By Azarcon and the title cut WALKING ON WATER by Azarcon and Moses Edralin. 

The second Kuh Ledesma release this year is DIVA To DIVA which features Kuh in duets with her favorite divas (although the list has not been disclosed yet). The album , already in production, will be released towards the end of the year. 

( Thanks to Kuh fan Ross for printing this article out. )


Kuh Ledesma Article

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