Good Regine fan "Anna " wrote :

Is there any way that we can 
combined RVEG and RVML?? 

mmJun answered :

One is listed by a ghost now being run by spooks 
while the other one is being run by a young female
who is an opened minded individual. 

Music fans should always be given a choice. 

I like this list. (RVML2) They are not afraid to talk 
more openly and are willing to do things to help 
and defend the music artist. Plus this list has a 
good number of cute females. hehe.. I never had
any one ask for my picture in RVML1. While in
the other list I had several. Nuks.

NOTE : I was just having fun with RVML1
   when I called them spooks. hehe.. 


some try to be invisible when they are flaming. 


The list owner wasn't around or being himself when
I was asking for him and several fans have been
acting as list monitors without making any formal
announcements about it. 

Seems all my distracters are hanging together.


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