Giselle Toengi :
Hollywood or bust


Simon Fuller, who achieved fame by creating the Spice Girls, intends to put together another female singing group via a talent-hunt TV show to be called Super Girl, the London Sunday Times reported. The 13-week series is due to air in the U.S. on ABC, with girls aged 18-26 performing in front of a panel of film directors, record producers and photographers, the newspaper said.


Steven Spielberg says
he wants to make a Musical

(  calling Regine & Lea Salonga )

Some shockers from
Sharon Cuneta
By Alex Brosas 

Incredible But Real..
Barry Manilow
is back
with a vengeance
! He has
been seen on Larry King
and Ally Mcbeal and has
two new CD's this year. 
The latest hit
number 3
on Billboards Top 200!!

BARRY MANILOW'S new single "They Dance" from "Here At The Mayflower" has jumped to no. 29 with a bullet on the charts!! -16 July 2002

Britney Spears
Middle Finger Not
Meant for Mexico Fans

What's megastar
Sharon Cuneta
really like?

Sharon Cuneta :
Too sweet to be true

NBI Helpless !!
VRB: Record pirates killing
Mindanao music industry

Eminem, Elliott, P.O.D.
Top MTV VMA Nominees

New Bon Jovi Single
'A Big, Loud Rock Song'

For Celebrities,
Global Learning

A Heart’s Journey
with Jose Mari Chan

Can Filipino movie
actors really act?

The Song Bird does her 1st
Gig in Mimosa since her
return from a US Tour!

Lea Salonga
is Home
for an Encore

Janet Jackson 

Regine in 
Toronto, Cananda 
on August 31,2002
8:00 pm (Saturday)

in Bond Flick

Jennifer Lopez in
'GLOW' Peep Show

Singer Aaliyah's Pilot
Had Drugs in System

Aaliyah Story

The Art of Selling Music
Through Videos

Net music mired in marketing woes

Film Operator Tries
to Curb Movie Piracy
A leading Malaysian film 
operator is checking bags 
for hidden video cameras
in an attempt to curb 
rampant movie piracy

We Need more Plumbers
Not Media Students

Reported Number
of Teen Virgins Rises

Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" 
holds the record for the longest run 
on the Billboard album chart. Some 
29 years after its release and is 
now on its 1312th chart week!

William Shatner Praises 
One-Hit Wonders 




In July 26, 1995, Selena's "Dreaming Of You" album made its debut at number one on the "Billboard" album chart, four months after she was shot to death. 

Japan Company Hits Sony
Jackson over 9/11 Single

Michael Jackson
Recording Industry Cheats

Michael Jackson Calls Sony
Tommy Mottola The Devil

Mottola Steps Up Spin War on 
M. Jackson, Implicates Producer

Michael Jackson, Barry Manilow
In Songwriters Hall Of Fame

Michael Jackson
Joins New Coalition

Michael Jackson has become 
latest star to call for "justice"
in the way music labels 
treat their music artists. 

Mandy Moore's
Broken Heart

Club Bans
Boy George
Over Fight

All Time Top Stars
at the Box Office

Box Office History
for Star Trek Movies

Mexico Renews
Extradition For Singer 

Storm-proof Pinoy showbiz
The “Song Goddess” 
( yes, that’s how some 
quarters call her now )

Driven: Christina Aguilera

Destiny's Child Settle
With Ex-Members

Man Killed for Jeering
'My Way' in Karaoke

'American Idol' Votes
Could Be Skewed

Record Labels Sue
Internet Providers
over Web Site

Has America had
Enough of J.Lo?

Bruce Springsteen
Hits The Road

Dates for the Upcoming
Bruce SpringsteenTour

Pricey Pop Concerts
Keep More Music
Fans at Home

Star Records unites with The Children’s Rosary Foundation

Eagles Guitarist Suing Band Members over Sacking

Music Labels Plant Online Decoys, Mull Lawsuits

Rapper Nelly Replaces Eminem Atop U.S. Pop Charts

Female Viagra-Like Drugs Hit the G Spot 

Mariah Carey
In a U.S. poll

Rapper Eminem Sells
1.3 Million Albums in its
first week of release!!


Bill O'Reilly
vs. Hollywood!

Britney Spears Tops
Forbes' 'Celebrity 100' List

Pop Songs Challenge
Funeral Favorites

'Idol' Judge Seeks
Talent, Not Looks

Spidey Spins Sony Profits

steals the show at 
Sharon Cuneta's 
Dome concert !!




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