Q U E S T I O N S   B Y   R E G I N E   F A N S 


A Regine fan asked :

Hi! Pardon my ignorance. But, can someone clear this up for poor l'il 
ol' me. Ano'ng difference nitong particular Awit Awards na 'to d'un 
sa nakaraang Awit Awards?

A Regine fan answered :

Yung nakaraan - Aliw Awards. 
Yung mangyayari palang, Awit Awards. 
Aliw is focused on live performances 
while Awit is on the recording scene.


Regine fan quotes :

Regine did not only receive an award at MTVAsia, she was also a presenter 
and did a duet with Mandy Moore. That's quite an accomplishment not only
for herself but for her countrymen too!

Days before the award, some fellow RVMLer's were starting to get restless 
with Regine's MTV stint. The Songbird is not the type who brags and rattle 
off with her good tidings, offers or any accomplishments. She had always 
maintained her humility that she never announces big happenings like the 
MTV. That's the reason why her fans never knew what's her participation in 
MTVAsia was all about and the reason why her fans never could get enough 
of her and I bet the reason for her mystique too.


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