Here's some enlightening questions to ask 
about the recent madness going around lately -


Why is Regine fan Siren running around the Interactive Board
pretending to be someone name 'Manoling' ( Clearly a
take-off from Jun's name -Manalang. ) Why is he bothering
fans who post comments about one of Regine's ex-handlers? 


Why didn't the new monitor of RVML1 do something to assist us
with the problem since he's been so vocal about Siren being his
best friend? Is the monitor of RVML1 also involve with the attacks
in our board, emails, and supporters have been getting? Is he a saint
in front of us while showing a bad side behind the scenes? And why
would he say 507 plus fans are against Jun in particular on RVML2?



mmJun :                                           
I remember there was only 247 fans listed at the time 
I was banned. Weird he would quote the current number
since half wouldn't even know about when I was there. 

And by the way, did you know that a fan named Zelfred was acting
monitor too when I got banned? Who happens to be the other close
buddy of the new monitor of RVML1. Just another detail they fail to
let you know about my banning from there. Because I objected that
someone who cannot be trusted was running the list. Now the one 
running the list today is again someone who is directly connected 
to a fan who's been terrorizing the Regine Interactive Board. Sus! 
There a big hidden reason why they mind what I do outside their list? 

You have to decide or question those people more, music fans


Thanks to those recently exchanges with Fan distracter 'Manoling'
some sharp people were able to read between the lines and help
expose their foolishness that they didn't think would be exposed.
And that's the inside word from here. Watch for damage control.


No one is crazy in here. Or should I say crazy enough
to let them get close enough to anyone important here.

Q: What is really going on with those guys!


We are clearing Jojo Cruz of any wrong doings. He was fooled into it.


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The conspiracies are starting to get out of hand.