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Pops Fernandez latest is now a hit album. Gary Valenciano's new one 
is still hot! And Gary was presented the Triple-platinum award for it.
It was done on SOP with Regine Velasquez looking on and cheering
for him. I wonder if she heard her latest was quietly said to have passed
triple-platinum too. And in the first month it was released! She probably
can't keep track. She's now the only artist (I'm told) in Philippines music
history that every single album she released gone platinum! (Does
not included albums she was just a guest on.) Regine is already thinking of
her next album. And she still has two albums that were not even released
yet! Now that's what you call a big time music artist. Guess what she may 
have planned for X'mas. Her long delayed 2nd X'mas album. For more
talk go to the Regine section. This info was heard and not confirmed!

For the fifth time Lea Salonga made the front pages of major newspapers.
And this latest one was to make the announcement of her getting married 
sometime in the future. Sus. Is that pathetic or what? Though I'm a Lea
fan I would have heard the news on her fan sites on as the header in the 
entertainment section of the newspapers. But the front page?! Truly, that
says something about our news gathering sources. Don't expect any of them 
to be investigating into the Aliw scam alot of music fans are talking about. 


J U L Y  2 0 0 2

Kelly Osbourne follows her dad Ozzy Osbourne's path into music with a Rock remake 
of Madonna's old hit 'Papa Don't Peach.' Charlie Screen marries James Bond girl 
Denise Richards. A big percentage of music fans agree with Michael Jackson that 
Sony Records did not promote his latest CD enough. Hey, in our country some people think Pops Fernandez last CD ('Shindig Live') wasn't promoted by her music company nearly good enough to make it go even gold. And that was by far her best album yet. Jackson also claims that Sony damaged the careers of George Michael and Mariah Carey. Long time Pinoy favorite singer/writer Carole King ('You got a Friend') just recently got the Johnny Mercer Award at the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Stevie Wonder took the life time achievement honors. We still can't forget the memorable concert Stevie had in Manila. We had our very own Stevie Wonder Pinoy artist sing a duet with him. Sadly, that person might be remembered more on how he died in an accident than his incredible sweet voice. Billy Joel, Alicia Silverstone and even Carole King all drive Toyota cars called 'PRIUS.' They run both on a electric motor and a gasoline engine that is good for the environment and gets 75 mpg! Britney Spears opened her own restaurant in Manhattan, New York called 'Nyla.' Wanna bet it'll be a spot Lea Salonga will be checking out when she gets back there? Someone ask her to send us a copy of the menu. (good idea) Janet Jackson is being sued by aspiring music producer Eric Christian who says she ruined his reputation and career when she obtained a restraining order against him in 1997. (She didn't like any of his offers but wouldn't quit trying) Singer Toni Braxton is back in the black since she filed for bankruptcy back in '98. She claims her record company kept her in a unfair recording contract. Seems like we been hearing that story lately from allot of other music artists out there.

Jun's Quick Buzz

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